Apple Airport 801.11b card – a rarity?

Apple Airport CardI’m trying to get my hands on an Airport card to go into a G3 iBook. As this is more or less an obsolete product, I thought I’d be able to pick one up cheaply so I could mess about with getting the two laptops in the house wirelessly networked.

However, as they’re no longer selling these on the Apple Store, it appears they may have taken on a scarcity value. On eBay at present they seem to be going for about 150% of their original price. Maybe I should start hoarding them.

Airport ExpressMy alternative plan is to forget about wirelessly networking the iBook, and just buy an Airport Extreme base station and a length of cat5 cable. I really like the idea of the compact Airport Express unit (right), but it only has one Ethernet port, meaning I can’t have a wired client and the cable modem attached at the same time.

This is all dreadful nerd stuff, but I’m still testing this site so I’m allowed to write whatever nonsense I like.

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