Velo-City 2004: Call for papers

A call for papers for the Velo-City 2005 conference has been issued:

Velo-City 2005 logoAbstracts of papers are invited for Velo-city 2005 on the themes set out in the Conference Themes. Abstracts should contain no more than 300 words that clearly set out the essence of what will be presented in the final paper. The abstract should be submitted online before 1st October 2004, for review by the Technical Committee. Successful authors will be notified in December 2004.

I had been nominated by Dublin City Council as a member of the Technical Committee who will assess these abstracts, and I’m listed as such on the web site, so I suppose I still am! I wasn’t sure if my failure to get re-elected as a City Councillor meant I would be dropped from the committee, but it would seem not.

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