The pictures the Irish Daily Mail doesn’t want you to see

Every day I receive a sheaf of (electronic) press cuttings, including what I assume are the best bits of the Irish Daily Mail. Last Friday this included a column by Roslyn Dee under the carefully measured headline, “Make children cycle to school? Are they all totally insane?” It’s not available online, but the gist of it is that cycling is inelegant for adults and lethal for children.

EVER see Audrey Hepburn on a bicycle? No, me neither. Catherine Deneuve? Nope. The very notion of either of them, surely two of the most elegant women the world has ever known, getting into the gear and clambering on board a bike is a full-frontal assault on beauty.

Holly Golightly in John Gormley kit? The beautiful Deneuve freewheeling down the Champs Elysees, helmet slapped on her head, clips on her heels? Quelle horreur!

It took me several seconds to find the following images via Google Image Search:

Audrey Hepburn on a bicycle Audrey Hepburn on a bicycle Audrey Hepburn on a bicycle

Quelle horreur indeed! Although I must admit Catherine Deneuve seems to have been careful not to be snapped cycling on the Champs Elysees or anywhere else.

Click the photo for the full size image. From this page.

Update: Thanks to Michael Kelly, it has come to my attention that even Catherine Deneuve has been complicit in the following full-frontal assault on beauty:

Catherine Deneuve on bicycle

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