Local election boundary review: mapping the proposals

One for the political nerds. The boundary commissions currently reviewing local electoral areas in Ireland have been receiving submissions from political parties and members of the public, and have now posted these submissions on their web site. In an idle moment this week I started a fairly frivolous project of mapping the various proposals which have been submitted for Dublin South East.

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The boundaries I’ve drawn are rather sketchy, and so far I’ve only got as far as mapping Cllr Paddy McCartan’s proposal for a super-Pembroke along the lines of the old Dublin No. 10 ward. A number of the other submissions which impinge on DSE are to do with Terenure and are rather non-specific and difficult to map.

It occurs to me that, with a few collaborators, this could be expanded to cover the whole of Dublin City. If anybody wants to contribute to this please post a comment and I’ll add you as a collaborator on Google Maps.

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