A little “Pick Me Up”

Cover of Pick Me Up magazine I recently had occasion to shop for a light read to divert somebody who was in hospital to, let’s say, have a baby. My eye was drawn to the bright colours and cheerful aspect of UK weekly Pick Me Up, which looked suitably fluffy. I wasn’t aware, however, that the purpose of this particular journal is in fact to offer its readers a weekly glimpse into the abyss. The headlines arranged around a picture of an adorable bunny rabbit saying “Have a hoppy Easter” included the following:

My fiance dropped DEAD after seeing me RAPED

Locked up and sent to an orphanage on our dream holiday

My sister killed our mum and buried her in the woods

A happy family until my husband FORGOT our baby

In case you think I just caught it on a bad week, these are some of the headlines from the previous week’s edition (also on display):

Enjoy the weekend… You’ll be DEAD on Monday

My eyes EXPLODED while I was SHOPPING

Stabbed 80 times and dumped in a bath of bleach

Quite a pick me up.

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