New Local Electoral Areas

Dublin City LEAs

Following on from my last piece of political nerdery, the recommendations of the two local electoral area committees have been published. Unfortunately the reports were posted to the committees’ web site, which appears to have been put together with Microsoft Publisher, of all things, and is not viewable on any web browser other than Internet Explorer. Direct links to the reports are below:

Dublin & Cities Electoral Area Boundary Report

Dublin City Map

Dublin County Map

Electoral Area Boundary Report (rest of the country)

In Dublin South East, the 4-seater Rathmines and 3-seater Pembroke have been merged into a single 6-seater called Pembroke-Rathmines, with the loss of a small part of Sandymount to South East Inner City, which goes from a 3-seater to a 4-seater.

There is such intense interest in this sort of report that it’s difficult to guard against leaks, so I’m pretty happy that we managed to keep a lid on it until they could be released to the public. I had a lot of calls yesterday and this morning from people looking for an early peek, as well as claims that other people had already been shown the reports, but I’m not aware of anybody having accurate information on what was in the reports before today.

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