Not standing for election in 2009

I have decided not to put my name forward for selection to contest the local elections in the new Pembroke-Rathmines ward. It has been my ambition to win back a Council seat for the Green Party here, but in the past year I have acquired a demanding (and exciting) new job and an even more demanding (and exciting) new baby daughter. I’ve had to conclude that I’m not in a position to give the campaign the 100% effort it requires without seriously impacting on my other responsibilities, in particular my family responsibilities.

I regret that I’m pulling out so close to the selection convention – I had been trying up until recently to put in place arrangements that would have allowed me to run, but these didn’t come to fruition. However I know that a number of candidates are interested in the selection and will be putting themselves forward.

I’m still very keen to get stuck in to campaigning in whatever way I can, and I look forward to working with whomever is selected to secure the seat for the Green Party.

The selection convention takes place on Tuesday September 9th.

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