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A little “Pick Me Up”

Cover of Pick Me Up magazine I recently had occasion to shop for a light read to divert somebody who was in hospital to, let’s say, have a baby. My eye was drawn to the bright colours and cheerful aspect of UK weekly Pick Me Up, which looked suitably fluffy. I wasn’t aware, however, that the purpose of this particular journal is in fact to offer its readers a weekly glimpse into the abyss. The headlines arranged around a picture of an adorable bunny rabbit saying “Have a hoppy Easter” included the following:

My fiance dropped DEAD after seeing me RAPED

Locked up and sent to an orphanage on our dream holiday

My sister killed our mum and buried her in the woods

A happy family until my husband FORGOT our baby

In case you think I just caught it on a bad week, these are some of the headlines from the previous week’s edition (also on display):

Enjoy the weekend… You’ll be DEAD on Monday

My eyes EXPLODED while I was SHOPPING

Stabbed 80 times and dumped in a bath of bleach

Quite a pick me up.

Big Quiz success

We didn’t win the Big Quiz, but we did put in a respectable effort to come joint 6th out of over 280 teams. The final scores (look for team name “The Hammer”) put us as joint 4th, but if you follow that methodology the last-placed team is joint 44th, so I’ll settle for 6th. In any case we were only 4 points off the winning score.

The Quiz itself was also a success, in that it succeeded in setting a new world record for the largest number of participants in a table quiz: 1141.