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Blogging from the Green Party National Convention

This weekend I will be at the Green Party National Convention in Galway, contributing to the party’s Convention web log. I’m hoping to provide some commentary from behind the scenes, as well as covering the various speeches, debates and motions as they happen.

Proper bloggers have been invited to attend also. I can’t help but think of this classic Tom Tomorrow strip from 2004:

This Modern World strip on blogging the convention

Eamon Ryan pulls out of presidential race

Eamon Ryan has decided not to continue with his attempt to get a presidential nomination, so we will not have an election after all. There is also a news story on RTÉ. I can understand the reasons put forward, but I was really looking forward to a campaign.

There is still a slim chance of an election going ahead, if Dana or Vincent Salafia can get themselves nominated, but in all likelihood Mary McAleese will be nodded through for another seven years.